If you have software problems and you’re interested in my help solving them, then I’m glad you’re here. I’m always looking for opportunities to meaningfully contribute to good projects and teams, so reach out if you have one! You can get a sense of what I’m into before contacting me by checking out my GitHub portfolio and my StackOverflow page.

My presence on GitHub and StackOverflow vary widely. But if you visit my GitHub portfolio, you’ll see experiments like mandelgrok, small projects like reportify, large team projects like polyball or TravelTracker, and the odd contribution to other projects like Accord.NET or Glances.

Fair warning - some of the code in my GitHub portfolio is not “industrial strength”, especially the stuff that comes from very early in my programming career. But it’s how I learn, so I’m happy to leave it in the public eye. I’m happy answering questions about any of it!

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